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Genap provides a variety of liners for water reservoirs. Genap supplies ready to apply liners suited for every dimension. Genap also installs the liners on site. We provide full concept service, taking all the hard work off your hands.

Bank protection:

Provides good protection against splashing damage on the inside of the bank due to the weight of the tiles. The outside of the bank remains free of growth and insects. In short: the bank is maintenance free and will remain intact for long time. It also reduces the influence of the UV on the liner.
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Conical outlets

These are made up from the same material as the lining. Further properties: pipe diameter from 32 to 500mm,in four steps (>500 mm on request); ground sheet :1.0 mm( for Aquatex Plus 0.5 mm); sleeve:0.5 mm; angle between background : 45° tot 90°.