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Water Silos
About Water Silos

Water silos are simple to assemble and easy to transport. Their long lasting properties make them worth-while investment. These qualities have led to our silos being installed across the globe.

Silo applications
  • Rain & Run of water storage.
  • Industrial fluid retention.
  • Buffer retention in soil decontamination projects.
  • Temporary operating locations or material storage
  • Non-invasive sand, pumice or compost filters
  • Fish farm silos and even a swimming pool
Silo manufacturing

Galvanised steel sheets are slit from mother rolls, corrugated and punched. The corrugated sheets are then formed into the desired diameter on an automated production line. This flexible production system allows a wide range in available diameters. The most efficient solution is therefore applicable for every usage.

Silo quality:

The end product is thoroughly inspected. The entire production process adheres to ISO certification norms.

Delivery program silos

Content litres Dimensions meters
diameter X height
Dimensions feet
diameter X height
±     50,000 5.36 X 2.28 17.6 X 7.48
±   100.000 7.37 X 2.28 24.2 X 7.48
±   250,000 12.06 X 2.28 39.6 X 7.48
±   500,000 16.75 X 2.28 55.0 X 7.48
±   750,000 20.77 X 2.28 65.9 X 7.48

Silo Utilization:

Our Silos can be utilized for Raw as well as Drinking water utility purposes; however certain specifications are different in both the cases: