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Raw Water
For Raw water Silos; with typical water silo made of galvanize; one need to install Aquatex liners and conical outlet for water flow. Aquatex: A water retention system is only complete once a waterproof tank liner has been installed. For tank liners Aquatex has proved its worth. Because specifications vary by end user a variety of grades are available.

Conical outlets

Conical outlets for every pipe: PVC, PE, steel etc. The outlets are made of Aquatex, angle between background 45° and 90°. The outlets can be delivered welded in the tank liner (prefabed) or to be installed on site with the aid of a assembly set.

Covering systems

There are two types of Raw water Silo covering system:

Anti – algae sheet: the anti algae sheet made from Genatex 700 has long been known as a cover system for a water silos. The banded fabric is water permeable and keeps dirt and light out. There are two versions: an oversized tension sheet with reinforced edge with rings which is stretched over the silo. This can be used indoors and outdoors for diameters up to 7 meter or a floating sheet with edge, rings and cord. The floating sheet can be delivered in each diameter, excluding tubular rack.

SiloFloat® floating sheets:

Genap supplies a complete concept for covering steel tanks with floating sheet. The concept comprises the supply of floating tubing including electrically-welded sleeves which can be welded together easily on location. The accompanying floating sheet is made of a material which floats easily and counteracts algae growth in water .As the floating sheet covers more than 98% of the water surface; the water loss due to evaporation is also greatly reduced.