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The Genaflexstore® is a closed water storage system which forms a sealed unit through the integration of the tank lining and the floating sheet. A closed water storage system is best solution for algae growth and water contamination, as external influence on the water quality is no longer possible. Its simple construction means the GenaFlexstore® can be installed quickly and easily. Lead-through can be fitted through a waterproof manhole. The use of high quality reinforced and UV-resistant material gives a long life span and integrated system rules out lining damage from flapping. This makes the system particularly suitable for export and for the storage of clean drinking water.


The genaflexstore® is a standard suitable for the storage of rain and drinking water.


  • Optimum water quality as algae growth, falling leaves and sand and dust contamination are prevented.
  • Easy and fast to install without modifying the foundations or tank
  • Long life span due to durable materials
  • No damage from flapping due to integrated system
  • No evaporation of water
  • Low maintenance
  • No vegetation on upper sheet
  • Fewer chemicals and less energy required due to high water quality.